Willunga Basin Pipeline

The 20km Willunga Basin Pipeline was constructed by CATCON for the South Australian Department for Transport, Energy & Infrastructure to provide a waste water solution for the Willunga Basin area south of Adelaide. The 450MPVC pressure pipeline system took 9 months to complete and consists of; 2 pump stations, appurtenances, lined water storage facility and outlet dam.

Construction equipment used included; 30T excavators, loaders, trucks, rollers, graders as well as the Vermeer Rocksaw which was used to cut the trench for the pipeline. CATCON were  required to align the pipeline with the existing road network and farm properties, this required liaising with councils, the DTEI and farm stakeholders.

CATCON performed all structural and mechanical works on the pump stations, including an advance telemetry system. The dam was lined with a bentonite mat layer to prevent seepage. The capacity of the water storage area at the inlet of the project is approximately 10 million litres.

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