Robertstown Substation & Synchronous Condenser

The Robertstown Substation is located approximately 130km North East of Adelaide. CATCON were contracted for the construction, and partial commissioning of works required to install the Synchronous Condensers at the Robertstown substation. A Synchronous Condenser is an important piece of hardware used to manage the electrical network inertia and maintain network strength. This required the existing Robertstown substation to be augmented to support the new Synchronous Condensers, extending the substation to include two new diameters, one for each Synchronous Condenser.

Facts & Figures:

  • 5,000m3 of structural concrete
  • 500m3 concrete blinding
  • 500tn reinforcement
  • 10,000tn base excavations
  • Syn-Con building structural steel and cladding

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