Douglas Mine Water Supply

Located near Balmoral, Western Victoria, Iluka Resources Douglas Mineral Sands Mine required a water pipeline to assist in their mining operations. CATCON’s involvement in the 21km, 450mm D.I.C.L pipeline involved; stringing, wrapping, excavation, bedding, laying, appurtenances and backfilling activities.

Two pipeline river crossings were needed and a specialist construction team consisting of approximately 35 people was required to divert the rivers while the pipeline was laid. Special care was required during the project to ensure all works were carried out under strict environmental guidelines as well as minimizing impact to land owners.

To optimise efficiency the project work was divided amongst separate crews; pipeline stringing works, alignment – cleaning and reinstatement, primary laying, appurtenances and testing.

Access to the pipeline corridor was difficult, however, the use of specialised equipment and operators enabled work to proceed to schedule. The Vermeer T755 Rocksaw – a specialised trenching machine owned by CATCON – played an integral part in the project. The Rocksaw is able to trench through a variety of materials, ground conditions near Balmoral varied from sandy clay, to collapsing sands to rock.

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