Container Terminal Wharf

Outer Harbour’s history was previously known for a large wharf and overseas liner passenger terminal. The majority of large scale shipping operation at Outer Harbour today is at No. 7 Wharf with the export of vehicles and the handling of shipping containers. CATCON constructed the container wharf as a reinforced concrete deck at No.7 Container Berth at Outer Harbour, Port Adelaide for Ports Corporation – South Australia.

The No. 6 Container Berth remained in operation during the construction of the new Wharf. Specific safety and environmental techniques were established for completing the specialist work required above water for the construction of the concrete wharf with concrete columns founded on piles. A concrete mattress revetment on rock underlay was provided to the water edge of the wharf.

Finishing works to the wharf included the placement of a heavy duty surface pavement , crane rails, water, telephone and electrical reticulation. Civil and Allied Technical Construction were proud to be involved with the construction of the container terminal wharf and have also rebuilt and/or extended several country port jetties including the Tumby Bay and Coffin Bay jetties. Work above water on the jetties involved the installation of piles, crossheads, decking, bracing and jetty furniture.

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