Aldinga Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Aldinga Waste Water Treatment ‘B’ Plant project was located approximately 40km South of Adelaide. The ‘B’ Plant expansion works included 2300m3 of Structural Concrete constructing; Inlet Structure, 2 x Clarifiers, Oxidization Ditch, Chem Dosing and Daft Plants, Chlorine Contact System, RAS/WAS System and various other structures. 30,000m3 Bulk Earthworks included pond construction and all structure excavation along with Pavements consisting of bitumen and concrete to complete the works.

Existing ‘A’ Plant upgrade works included; Service Pipe Works Excavation and install including Potable Water, Sewer, Stormwater and Electrical Reticulation.

Equipment used throughout the project included Excavators, Scraper, D6 Dozer, Articulated Dumpers, Graders, Compaction equipment, Concrete Pump, 80 ton crawler crane for all structure works. Wet weather and wind were significant challenges throughout.

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