Woodlawn Wind Farm

The Woodlawn Wind Farm project involved the Design and construction of Wind Turbine Generator (WTG’s) gravity and rock anchor foundations, access roads and adjoining crane hardstands for the 23 WTG wind farm located in New South Wales. Transformer kiosks were supplied and installed as precast items rather than conventional wet pours. Ancillary features constructed concurrently were stair plinths, concrete drainage pipes/headwalls, cattle grids, fencing realignments, access gates and final rehabilitation (seeding).

The contract required procurement of ring set templates, associated hold down bolts, nuts and washers was strictly monitored during delivery to site from the traceability and conformance point of view. Installation of high strength grout to underside of the wind turbines was also undertaken.

Specialist equipment used on the project included: 22T Atlas Corp Rotary Percussion Drill Rig (rock anchor holes to WTG’s foundations), 80T Excavator utilised for bulk excavation of tower foundations and Hydromulch Water Canon – seed/paper pulp applicator.

Facts & Figures:

  • 23 turbines foundation constructed.
  • 1000T of  steel reinforcement supplied and fixed.
  • 8500m3 of concrete supplied, placed and cured.
  • 5km of access road network and associated drainage

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