Silverton Wind Farm

The Silverton Wind Farm is located approximately 20km North-West of Broken Hill in New South Wales, near the South Australian border. CATCON joint ventured with GE to supply and construct 80km of road, 58 WTG foundations equating to 40,000m3 of concrete and erection & commission 58 3.4MW GE Wind Turbine Generators as well as the substation and O&M facility.

This project was the first time the GE 3.4MW WTG had been erected in Australia, meaning stringent processes and procedures were required during the erection and commission of the turbines. 600t and 700t cranes were used to lift the tower sections and blades into position, with tower, blade and other components arriving from the Port Adelaide spread over 580 “over-dimensional” loads.

The heat, terrain and access to water all proved to be key challenges for the project team with 400,000m3 of blasting required throughout the undulating terrain to excavate roads hardstands and foundations. Water was also trucked in daily for dust suppression and other construction requirements.

Facts & Figures:

  • 375,000 man hours
  • 35,000m3 of concrete poured
  • 3,000t of reinforcement placed
  • 270,000m3 of drill & blast
  • 400,000t of road capping produced
  • 70km of road
  • 580 over dimensional loads delivered from the port of Adelaide to Silverton


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