Lake Bonney Wind Farm – Stage 2

The construction of the civil and electrical works associated with the Lake Bonney Stage 2 Wind Farm, on a site 11km long and 1 km wide with 53 wind turbines, was a Joint Venture between CATCON with Areva. Lake Bonney represents our firm’s milestone involvement on a large scale wind power resource energy project.

350m3 of concrete is provided to each turbine tower footing. The towers are 4.2 metres in diameter at the base, 78 metres high and support the 90 metre diameter tri-propellors. Each turbine generates a capacity of 3MW of energy.

Existing limestone excavated material was recycled in use for the preparation of new road bases. Our firm’s civil works involvement includes design and construction of all concrete works, particularly the major footings to the wind turbines, substantial road works and all underground electrical Services.

Lake Bonney Wind Farm – Stage 2 is an environmentally significant development in the experience and growth of CATCON.

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