Gullen Range Wind Farm

The Gullen Range Wind Farm project was located 40km South West of Goulburn, NSW. The 165MW wind farm consisted of 56 2.5MW Wind Turbine Generators and 17 1.5MW WTG’s CATCON’s scope of work consisted of; 73 no WTG’s bases poured in Pomerroy, Bannister and Gurrundah section of works, WTG ancillary/stair concrete footings to WTG’s, concrete Batch Plant mobilisation/testing, Met Mast footings, 40+ km of access roads, hardstands, WTG backfill, drainage & rehabilitation, rural fence works, 5+ km public roads remediation and improvement works, substation bench construction, supply and install O&M Facility including associated site works and dentation basin.

The project was completed over approximately 12 months with works completed over 3 separate sites with their own unique terrain, soil types and facilities. Works were negotiated with 2 councils and 12 farmers and it was the first wind farm in NSW to be granted approval by the environmental court. The wind farm was developed with complete and stringent environmental plans to satisfy the NSW Department of Planning Environmental constraints.

The primary equipment used throughout the construction of the Gullen Range Wind Farm project included; D9 Dozers, Graders, 30t Excavators, Loaders, Artic Dump Trucks, 80t  Excavator, Water trucks, 45ft Boom Concrete Pump

Facts & Figures:

  • 73 WTGs
  • 165MW
  • 40km access roads

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