Collgar Wind Farm

The Collgar Wind Farm scope of works for CATCON included the Geotechnical investigation, design and construction of 111 concrete wind turbine foundations and a 74 km road and hardstand network. The scope also included construction and maintenance of the project offices and amenities and all satellite facilities for 200 people.

The Collgar site is located 300kms east of Perth in the middle of the WA wheat-belt. It was constructed during one of the worst droughts in recent history. As a result water utilisation was critical and misuse and poor water management could have resulted in a cut off of supply from the Perth to Kalgoorlie pipeline.

200,000m3 of pavement and hardstand material was extracted and blended on site. All pavement material was extracted with D9 dozer ripping at borrow pit locations and allowing any local rain to penetrate into pit. Conventional blade mixing with grader and excavators were used within pits. 70,000m3 were extracted from foundations, generally using 30 ton excavators. Drill and blast was required in several locations of hard rock. Foundations were formed utilising precast formwork which became a structural element, installed using 35 ton rough terrain crane. 40,000m3 of concrete was batched on site and pumped using conventional boom pump. 74 kms of road was stripped and subgrade prepared conventionally with compaction where required.

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