Royalla Solar Farm

Royalla Solar Farm project is a solar PV generating facility located near Canberra (ACT). The project involved the construction and commissioning of a 20MWac photovoltaic array plus the associated connections to the ACT power grid and other ancillary infrastructure. CATCON were engaged under a civil, mechanical and electrical scope of works construct only package, responsible for all elements of the solar farm building process.

CATCON’s 145 strong workforce (at peak) were involved in the construction and installation of; 17,100 piles, 1,920 tables, 81,600 PV modules, over 46km of below ground DC cabling, 10 Power Conversion Blocks, 240 array junction boxes and associated harness strings, underground 11,000 volt power and communications cabling within the site and externally along the underground cable route, approximately 4.5km of unsealed internal access tracks and construction of switch metering station at Theodore main sub-station.

Construction of the 11kv line 4.5 kilometres from the solar farm toward the switch metring station consisted of working within Commonwealth approved environmental restrictions which included; Working within 4 meter easements in environmentally sensitive areas, working within an overall corridor no more than 8m when outside of the environmentally sensitive areas.

Equipment utilised on the project included; Down the hole hammer drill rigs, 30tn excavators, dump trucks, graders, loaders, 5tn excavator, rock saw’s, cable reeler and tractor.

Facts & Figures:
17,100 piles
81,600 PV modules
Over 46km of below ground DC cabling

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