SACBH – Loxton Rail Outload Facility

At Tookayerta railway siding approx. 7 km South West of Loxton there is a large sized grain handling structure worthy of a visit whilst in the Riverland. The two outload bins, the steel structure and mechanical conveyor equipment for the railway siding facility was designed and constructed by CATCON for South Australian Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited – SACBH. The two outload bins are suitable for the short to medium term storage of commodities, including cereal grains, peas and canola and have a storage capacity of 1000 tonne each. The bins were designed to sustain loading capacity to AS3774-1990 “Loads on Bulk Solid Containers” for wheat, barley and peas and have an internal diameter of 12 metres and a wall height above the ring beam of 9 metres.

A substantial lightweight steel support structure locates the bins high above the railway lines for the required clearance for outloading into railway trucks. The grain handling equipment system consisted of two 100 tonne out load bins, a 400 tonne/hour elevator in a 36 metre high elevator tower, grain delivery chute work and 500 metres of conveyor system. All electrical mechanical and civil works were undertaken by CATCON.

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