Northern Connector

The Northern Connector was a major SA Government road infrastructure project located in Adelaide, South Australia. The purpose of the project was to link the Northern Expressway with the South Road Superway located in the inner-Northern suburbs. CATCON were one of two industry partners who worked with Lend Lease to design and construct the 15.5km connector project over 26 months.

CATCON’s package of works included, 5km of triple lane dual carriage highway, 5.5km of on and off ramps around the Bolivar Interchange, three bridges in total including one bridge over a natural live water course and one four-span bridge.

Some key challenges during the project included moving 680,000m3 of soil and quarry material in approximately 6 months, installing 850 precast units (including box culverts), constructing a four-span bridge 10m above the ground, obtaining a constant water supply for construction (750kl per day), as well as lifting and installing 64t-36m long pre-cast concrete T-beams.

Facts & Figures:

  • Moving 680,000m3 of soil and quarry material
  • 3500m3 of concrete
  • 700t of reinforcement
  • 5500m2 of formwork
  • 700m2 of reinforced earth wall
  • 110,000 meters of conduit
  • 850 precast concrete units
  • 5.5km of Aggi Drain

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