Eyre Highway

Completed for the Department of Transport the Eyre Highway upgrade project consisted of three major stages each located on the Eyre Peninsula, West of Pt Augusta in South Australia. The first stage involved road works and related earthworks on the 32km Kyancutta section of the Eyre Highway.

Stage 2 entailed road widening, overlay sections and the resealing of 37km of the Eyre Highway. All construction works were carried out under normal traffic conditions therefore meticulous traffic management procedures were required by CATCON. This stage also included the reshaping of existing shoulders including the related earthworks.

The final stage involved the design and construction related to widening a 30km section of the Eyre Highway from Cungena to Karcultaby on the West coast of South Australia. Each stage involved the use of various CATCON machinery including; graders, rollers, excavators and trucks.

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