Bowden Village

Bowden Village was a subdivision project located in Bowden (Adelaide, South Australia) for client Land Management Corporation. Civil works completed included; the construction of 3 new roads including new sewer mains, stormwater system, streetscape works, concrete kerbing, block paving to footpaths, 5 meeting places, large landscaping package including a water feature, architectural walls, red brick footpaths, bitumen footpaths, electrical infrastructure, street lighting, potable water installation including connection to building blocks, NBN installation for communications.

Bowden is an active commercial and residential area so strict dust and traffic control was required for the duration of the project. Main equipment used on the project included 30t excavators, graders, water carts, 12t rollers and loaders.

Facts & Figures:

  • 8 month project
  • 3 new roads including services
  • NBN installation

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