Bluestone Stage 3

Bluestone Stage 3 was a subdivision project located in Mt Barker (Adelaide Hills). CATCON constructed the 180 allotment residential subdivision including all earthworks, service installations, road pavements, concrete works, retaining walls and hard and soft landscaping. Works also included a new 300m dual carriageway main public access road and box culvert crossing along with 600m of rock lined creeks, culvert and headwalls installation and scour protection.

The 10 month project required strict traffic management to accommodate new road construction and the recorded rainfall in the region was amongst the heaviest on record. Intensive environmental controls were required due to steep terrain and connection and management of local stormwater system.

Facts & Figures:

  • 180 allotments
  • 300m dual carriageway public access road
  • 600m rock lined creeks

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