Adelaide Brighton Cement

The Adelaide Brighton Cement Upgrade – Early Works project was located in Birkenhead (Adelaide, South Australia). Early works to existing cement plant include demolition of existing pavements/structures, piling installation (both precast and insitu), bulk earthworks, control of contaminated material, services installation (water, sewer and electrical) and form/reo/pour concrete structures and pavements. Finalising works included pavements (rubble and bitumen surfaces), traffic controls/line marking, surface drainage controls, automated gate supply and install.

Extensive work required on CEMP and PMP to deal with contaminated ground and the high water table. Specialist equipment used on the project included a piling rig (precast and insitu) and Sump/Dewatering Pumps to remove water from the ground.

Facts & Figures:

  • Precast & insitu piling
  • Dewatering pumps removed ground water

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